Elastic Adhesive Bandage B.P.93 (Flesh Coloured Porous with Fast Edges packed in Carton)

Size: 10cm x 4/6m (Stretched)
Rs. 750

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This bandage is manufactured using thick fabric and porous adhesive to allow skin breathing and free muscle & joint movement. Following are the salient features of this bandage:

  • Good aesthetic appeal due to woven fast edges
  • Contains 20% Zinc Oxide which acts as a mild antiseptic, astringent & anti- inflammatory
  • Adhesive covered with special plastic liner for easy unrolling , easy application, long protection & long storage life
  • It is an ideal bandage, where support, immobilisation & pressure is required


  • Apply to clean dry shaven skin
  • Store in a well ventilated dry place, away from direct sunlight

Also Available

  • White Coloured with or without central line
  • Without inter liner release paper
  • Reverse rolled with adhesive out side
  • Small width 0f 2.5 cm
  • Sterilized Elastic Plaster

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