Bandage Plaster of Paris B.P.' 88 (Extra Creamy) - HEALOCAST

Size: 15cm x 2.7m
Rs. 160

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Plaster of Paris Bandage B.P. (Extra Creamy, Export Quality)
Especially formulated to have following features Leno weave fabric coated with POP mass which is more sticky & adheres to cloth more. Therefore less powder loss even when dipped in water.The more sticky powder adheres the layers more with each other & makes all layers in one & this one layered cast has more than double the strength as compared to our competitors. Therefore less bandages are required to make a Plaster & resultant cast is of light weight with following advantages :

  • Low Powder Loss.
  • Short immersion time.
  • Extra creamy, cream is more thick.
  • Fast setting time.
  • Extra Strong.

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